The Comprehensive ESG Masterclass 5-Part Series: ESG Reporting: Strategy, Frameworks & Digital Transformation

Collecting the E, S, and G metrics in ESG requires robust cross-collaboration and pulling in data from across your organization’s HR, EHS, Finance, CSR, Supply Chain & Operations, and many more verticals. Additionally, collected data needs to be reported under appropriate frameworks including BRSR, CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, and more!

Join us for Part 5 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass webinar series to learn how you can:

Select the appropriate ESG framework that satisfies the disclosure demands of your organization’s stakeholders

Decode SEBI’s BRSR framework and adopt best-practices to get ESG reporting right

Take essential steps to build a strong ESG program and achieve ESG success

Digitally transform your ESG program to operationalize enterprise-wide sustainability and ESG data – seamlessly capturing, monitoring, and reporting data from across the E, S, and G pillars including carbon emissions, workforce composition, boardroom diversity, and more on a single platform.

You’ll also learn how you can adopt powerful analytics and reporting tools and leverage your ongoing operational ESG metrics to not only easily create persuasive ESG reports under globally accepted frameworks but also measure and analyze ESG data to improve ESG performance.